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New COVID-19 vaccine website offers efficient way to schedule appointments The site,, provides schedule, location and vaccine brand information


Seyd Ahmad of Odessa, Texas, decided to address these concerns with his free time, when the pandemic forced his other projects into a standstill.

“It just kept forcing me to ask myself how can I help? And then the idea came in and I put it to work,” says Ahmad. “I have worked on it for about three months and I’m going to keep working on it and make it the best that I can.”

Ahmad created Vaccine Now, a website that finds vaccines in your area, even right here in Idaho.

Not only can you find appointment times and locations, but there is also an option to select a specific vaccine that better suits your needs.

Ahmad hopes this can help us all get past this pandemic.

“We are all tired of this pandemic,” says Ahmad. “I want it to go away, as much as you do.”

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