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Fauci Says The Variant From The U.K. Likely Accounts For Up To 30% Of Covid Infections In U.S.

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  • The highly contagious variant first identified in the U.K. likely accounts for up to 30% of Covid-19 infections in the United States, White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said.
  • The variant, called B.1.1.7, has been reported in at least 94 countries and detected in 50 jurisdictions in the U.S., Fauci said.
  • U.S. health officials say the variant could become the dominant strain in the U.S. by the end of this month or in early April.Full Story

Last updated on 03/19/2021 09:19 PM

Novavax Vaccine 96% Effective Against Original Coronavirus Version In Uk Trial

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  • Novavax’s Covid-19 vaccine was 96% effective in preventing cases caused by the original version of the coronavirus in a late-stage trial conducted in the United Kingdom.
  • The vaccine was also about 86% effective in protecting against the more contagious virus variant first discovered and now prevalent in the UK.
  • It was only around 55% effective in a separate, smaller trial in South Africa, where volunteers were primarily exposed to another newer, more contagious variant.Full Story

Last updated on 03/11/2021 10:17 PM

Us Is At A Tipping Point Of Another Covid-19 Surge, Expert Says. That's Why Safety Measures Remain Crucial Now

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(CNN)With each day and each vaccination, the US inches closer to the finish line of what has been a brutal battle against Covid-19.

But it's not over just yet.
Infection numbers, after weeks of declines, now seem to have plateaued at high levels. The US has averaged more than 60,000 Covid-19 cases daily in the past week. More than 41,000 people remain hospitalized with the virus nationwide, according to the COVID Tracking Project.And an average of more than 1,700 US Covid-19 deaths were reported every day for the past seven days.
    And highly contagious variants that are already circulating have experts worried another Covid-19 spike could be just weeks away. More than 2,700 cases of variants first spotted in the UK, South Africa and Brazil have been reported in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- but the agency has cautioned that's not the total number of cases in the country, but rather those that have been spotted with the help of genomic sequencing.  Full Story

    Last updated on 03/07/2021 05:07 PM

    New York Covid Variant

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    Apoorva Mandavilli

    By Apoorva Mandavilli

    Published Feb. 24, 2021

    Updated Feb. 25, 2021

    A new form of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in New York City, and it carries a worrisome mutation that may weaken the effectiveness of vaccines, two teams of researchers have found.

    The new variant, called B.1.526, first appeared in samples collected in the city in November. By the middle of this month, it accounted for about one in four viral sequences appearing in a database shared by scientists.

    One study of the new variant, led by a group at Caltech, was posted online on Tuesday. The other, by researchers at Columbia University, was published on Thursday morning.

    Neither study has been vetted by peer review nor published in a scientific journal. But the consistent results suggest that the variant’s spread is real, experts said. To Read full Story Click


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    White House Moves Up Vaccine Supply Timeline, Says U.S. Will Have Enough For Every Adult By End Of May (Post ID: 1008)

    Last updated on 03/03/2021 03:35 AM

    Fda Approves Johnson & Johnson’S Single-Shot Covid Vaccine For Emergency Use

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    • The FDA has approved J&J’s Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use, giving the U.S. a third tool to fight the pandemic.
    • Unlike Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines, J&J’s one-dose regimen eliminates the need for patients to return for a second dose and it can be stored at refrigerator temperatures for months.
    • The federal government plans to distribute nearly 4 million doses of J&J’s vaccine to states, pharmacies and community health centers across the nation next week.
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    Last updated on 03/01/2021 10:16 PM

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