About Us

We are a team of individuals passionate about helping people find critical testing, treatment and preventive medicine for major diseases worldwide. We believe we can help bridge the big gaps in health equity by providing information about access to medicine and testing for preventable, or treatable diseases. Covid-19 has significantly impacted our lives, and unless we all do our best, there is no return to normal. In addition to access, availability, and information about Covid-19 vaccines, we use our technology to do the same for Monkeypox, HIV, TB, Malaria, and Hepatitis. Our goal is to bring the latest, and most accurate information to our communities from reliable sources and help connect them to available testing and treatments. We hope that providing fast, accurate and timely information to our communities will help access to medicine and testing, and also help in closing the big gaps in health equity.

We maintain and update our vaccine and treatment finder sites for Covid-19, HIV, and Monkeypox at following addresses: